The laundromat industry is changing faster than ever before! Are you ready for it? In today’s episode, Alex Jekowsy, CEO of Cents, and Jordan explore the trends in the laundromat industry and what role technology is playing to usher our industry into the future.

It’s packed with valuable information to help you stay on the leading edge of the laundromat industry, plus practical insight and advice to help you run a better business, serve more customers, and find financial freedom through laundromat ownership!

Alex and Jordan also discuss Cents, the business-in-a-box solution for all of your laundromat business needs.  Cents is a company building the first market-network in laundry with a mission to outsource laundry day in America to local garment care professionals and business owners. Through Cents, garment care professionals have access to best-in-class software & hardware proven to save them money that will drive additional revenue through remote ordering, on-demand services, and more.

In today’s show, Alex and Jordan discuss:

  • Alex’s background and what brought him to the laundromat industry
  • What drives Alex’s passions for the industry
  • Why it’s never been a better time to be a laundromat owner
  • Simple ways to impact business with technology
  • The purpose of new technology in business
  • Who is Cents and what do they offer laundromat owners?
  • Why investors are investing in Cents
  • The future landscape of the laundromat industry
  • The fate of the owner-operator model
  • Franchise models and laundromats
  • How to get started with Cents
  • Advice for new laundromat operators
  • Who is Cents for
  • The mission of Cents

And a lot more!

Be sure to join us for our webinar with Cents CEO, Alex Jekowsky on July 1st, 2021. Visit to sign up.

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Alex's Bio

Alex Jekowsky is a sought after Entrepreneur, specializing in B2B software solutions for SMB verticals. Prior to launching Cents, he was the founder and CEO of Ulyngo, an award-winning marketplace and payments platform for HigherEd. After 5 years of growth, Ulyngo was acquired by Modo Labs. His passions have always revolved around building businesses with a focus on leadership and human development. He loves to create, think of new ways to do everyday things, and put his own spin on everything he’s involved with. Above all else, he loves to smile and make others laugh!

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