Minimum Deal Standards Worksheet

Minimum Deal Standards Worksheet

Use this free worksheet to help you define what requirements you have for your laundromat purchases. This will help you quickly weed out laundromats that don't fit your criteria so you can focus on the ones that do! Expedite your journey to financial freedom!

Acquisition Process Summary

It can be intimidating beginning to go through the process of buying a laundromat. If you've never done it before there's so much you don't know. This summary will help you know what to expect and what to look for during that process. We got your back!

Laundromat Analysis Scorecard

Pre-Analysis Scorecard

This free scorecard will help you quickly run back-of-the-napkin numbers to determine whether a particular deal is worth pursuing. It will help you focus only on businesses that will help you achieve your goals!

Due Diligence Infographic

Proper due diligence is crucial when purchasing a laundromat business. Download and use this free infographic when purchasing your next laundromat to ensure that you thoroughly investigate the business!

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  • The Keys to Buying Your First Laundromat– e-book
  • Deal Analysis Template– Helps you analyze a potential laundromat purchase to give you the information you need to make great business decisions!
  • Store Details Worksheet– Keeps information about your laundromat or a potential laundromat purchase organized!
  • Value-Add Checklist– A handy checklist to make sure you are maximizing the income of your laundromat or a potential laundromat purchase! This one is worth it’s weight in gold!
  • Verification of Income Worksheet– Enables you to ensure that a potential laundromat purchase is making what the owner claims it is making!
  • Water Analysis Worksheet– This spreadsheet does the math for you! Calculate expected income of a laundromat by the amount of water it uses from previous water bills! Simple to use and valuable information for anyone buying a laundromat!
  • Sample Pro Forma– Get an idea of what a pro forma looks like and how to use it!
  • And many more FREE tools!

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