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The Library of Knowledge is an extensive library of short video answers to commonly asked questions, advice from industry experts, and tips to help you succeed in your laundromat business. The best part is that it is sortable and searchable, making the answers you’re looking for easy to find! The Library of Knowledge is continually being built with information from coaching and consulting calls, webinars, live Q&As, podcast interviews, and more. It is a vast library and growing all the time. It’s perhaps the most valuable asset of the Pro Membership.

The Analysis Web Calculator not only allows you to quickly and easily determine the value of a laundromat, it also allows you to download your analysis as a sharp-looking pdf that you can keep for your reference, share with a lender, or utilize as a negotiation tool. This is a first of its kind and has been developed through years of laundromat analysis. This web calculator is both easy to use and flexible, allowing you to adjust valuations as you see fit if you need to.

Pro Member perks are discounts, bonuses, and more from Laundromat Resource Partners who have products, services, or tools to help you succeed in the laundromat business.

Pro Members have unrestricted access to all Laundromat Resource courses. These courses are all designed to help you succeed in some area of your business. The courses allow you to go at your own pace, keep track of your progress, and reward you for completing them! We release new courses periodically.

We are Laundromat Resource, after all! We have tons of included tools and resources for you to download and use. Some examples are a sample Letter of Intent, a Sample Contingency List, a Coin Collection Spreadsheet, a pro forma spreadsheet, and a lot more!

Some e-versions of Laundromat Resource Publishing books are included for download for Pro Members. There will also be periodic discounts on print books, e-books, and audio books for pro members.

All past webinars are available for on-demand replay for Pro Members. Some of the many webinars included are “How to Buy Your First Laundromat in 90 Days”, “How to Analyze a Laundromat Deal”, “The Future of the Laundromat Industry”, “How to Start a Laundry Pick-up & Delivery Service the Easy Way”, and more!

Pro Members enjoy discounts on Laundromat Resource events and on select events from Laundromat Resource Partners!

No hassle, 100% money back guarantee. We’re pretty confident that if we can’t provide enough value to you to be worth $1/day (take your birthday off!) then we’ll refund your money. We actually think it’s a laughably low amount of money compared to the amount of money that lies lurking in the tools, resources, and information here , as long as you’re willing to take some action! But, if you don’t agree, just let us know and we’ll get you your money back.

Yearly Pro Members are invited to a monthly live Zoom with Jordan and occasionally some guests to network, do some Q&A, and inspire each other to reach our goals. Jordan here, and this is my personal favorite part of the Pro Membership.

Yearly Pro Members also get access to all Laundromat Resource virtual events, regardless of the cost to attend them! Just one more perk that makes this membership a no-brainer.