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      Hello from cold NJ this time of year! I’m looking to purchase my first laundromat hopefully by spring. I seen a prospective place but need to buckle down and use all this wonderful free information to get started!

      I will admit that I am very nervous and don’t want to make a wrong decision or purchase.

      Grateful for this forum.

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      Oscar Uribe

      Hi, Kaye. Any luck?

      Am I the only one that sees the poetry of starting a new business in Spring?

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      Bianca Mendoza

      Hello Keye and welcome!! I’m from NJ as well. I don’t own a laundromat but I’m doing my research. I completely understand what you mean about being nervous. Keep us posted if you found one. Best of luck!

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      Tracy Smith

      Greetings All,

      This is Tracy. I am also from NJ and I have been looking for awhile. I wish you all the best!


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