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      Oladimeji Sonibare

      Hello, All.

      My name is Oladimeji. I live in NYC and it’s really densely populated. There’s a laundromat on virtually every corner, still this is where I’m looking to begin. Any advice?

      I’m also looking for a capital partner, if anyone’s looking for passive income.

      Thanks in advance!

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      James Berry

      Hi Oladimeji!

      Welcome to the Laundromat Resource Community, we are glad you are here! The best place to start is to listen to the Laundromat Resource Podcast and gain as much knowledge as you can from the awesome guests who are successful owners and laundromat industry leaders. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in these podcasts.

      Next I would suggest heading into the forums more and asking for advice from others in the NYC area or browsing to see if anyone else has similar questions in the forum. After that, dive headfirst into the Laundromat Resource Blog!

      Glad to have you here Oladimeji!

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