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      Kumud Shrestha

      Hello All:

      I am a proud new owner of a small Laundromat with absolutely no experience. Now, I am finding out that it is extremely hard to find the Tech with reasonable pricing to repair and Service the machines.
      I am located in Allentown, PA.
      I have bunch of coin operated Maytag stackable dryers. Two of them stopped working. I put the quarter in nothing happens. I paid a tech come and look at it, he could not resolve the problem Then I talked to someone with one of the distributor and he mentioned that Memory switch with buttons probably went bad.
      Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you


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      Jason Dodge

      Start moving components from one machine to the next. When the problem moves, thats the bad part. So take that switch and move it to the machine next to it. Or take a working one and move it into the broken machine.

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Laundromat Resource Forums Repairs Maytag stack dryer