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      Eric Hansen

      I am looking to get a valuation of a laundromat which also is a UHaul business. Do I do valuation on only the laundromat portion or do I include the other business? Since COVID, the majority of profits come from UHaul.

      I tried my best to format this to make it readable. I couldn’t insert a screen shot.
      2021 2020 2019

      LAUNDRY 126,627 125,746 175,030
      LAUNDRY PICK-UP 21,695 17,338 20,075
      U-HAUL & OTHER 50,423 38,959 43,430
      TOTAL INCOME 198,745 182,043 238,535

      TOTAL EXPENSES LAUNDRY 113,262 138,654 146,503
      TOTAL EXPENSES LAUNDRY PICK-UP 12,870 11,352 10,382
      TOTAL EXPENSES U-HAUL 917 285 106
      TOTAL EXPENSES 127,049 150,291 156,991
      NET CASH FLOW 71,696 31,752 81,544

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      Eric Hansen

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      So let me break down the Income and Expenses. I would keep the UHaul add on since it is obviously profitable, but do I add this in the valuation?



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      Michael Van

      Hi Eric!

      I’m a newbie to the Laundromat Resource but as a business owner, I would definitely say separate it out as much as possible. They are two completely different businesses even if they share some of the same overhead. That way you’ll be able to really understand how much each business makes as a whole as well as being able to figure out which direction you want to take things. Would love to chat more and see where your head is at regarding this.

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