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      Trenton Adams

      I have a issue with my programing where it is flushing the bleach tray too early in the cycle. I have went through and feel like I have found where it is happening at and wanting to fix the program. when I get it sorted out and try to send the program it fails to program. I’m sure it is something simple that I have missed does anyone know someone that is very good at setting these programs up. also is there some one at alliance tech support that is better to talk to about this. they have been very helpful it just seems like I generally get someone that is trained more on machine diagnostics and not on the software or app side of things.


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      Jason Dodge

      I think right in the insights program you can go to tech support. Sometimes they can give your system a little boost and send that program for you.

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      Rick Howley

      Has anyone had an issue with a 20lb Huebsch washing machine not draining the softener? Every night I have a few that are still full with softener that have to be emptied out. I had a tech check the level of my machines and they are all pitched correctly and nothing is clogged in the dispenser tray.

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      Trenton Adams

      Rick I have had a few of the softener trays that wouldn’t looked clogged but if people had used powder soap in them on accident will get clogged near the top of the drain tube. a lot of times you can take the top hat off with a screw driver and clean and then flush out with warm water. the only other issue I have seen is the screens in the valves or in the hoses start to get plugged and it wont fill the softener tray fast enough to cause the suction tube to not drain the compartment. have you started the machine and watched when it tries to flush the compartment.

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Laundromat Resource Forums Repairs huebsch command programming