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      Anthony Uva

      Hello All,

      A question for experienced owners.
      I’ve been looking for my first laundromat but have not found anything suitable in my desired area. I was trying to stay within a 30 minute drive time. So now, I’m considering looking further out.

      I’ve identified one that looks promising, but it’s about and 1 hour 15 minutes without traffic. During times of heavy traffic that time could be a good deal longer. I could plan on driving mostly “off hours” when there’s not a lot of traffic as much as possible…

      What are your opinions on distance? Keep in mind I’m experienced in owning a business and entrepreneurship but this would be my first laundromat.


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      Bryan Wilson

      With Technology, you can make most stores wireless

      If you do decide to go after the store and hour away hire a store manager if possible
      A unattended store Driving 3hrs to and from to handle a customer issue can be a headache
      You learn quickly in this business people don’t pay attention to signs or instructions for.
      Hate to see you waste 3 hrs to handle a coin issue

      If possible, stay within a 30 min drive

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      Alex Alleva

      Anthony i am in a similar situation. There is a laundromat about 1hr from me that is for sale but i am torn deciding if its even worth looking at because of the commute. With traffic i can see it being as long as 2hrs to get to the laundromat. As i am typing this i am quickly convincing myself that the commute is not worth it lol. I agree with Bryan, 30 min is reasonable.

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Laundromat Resource Forums Laundromats How far is too far?