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        Hi Guys,

        I’m from Australia and I’m trying to open my first laundromat. Tossing up between buying an existing business vs starting one from scratch.

        Just wanted to try and get my head around all the construction costs (e.g. Pipes, ventilation, hardmounts). I understand prices will probably be very different in the states, but any information would be greatly appreciated.

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        Archie Lord

          Hi Angus,

          How have you got on with this?

          I was originally looking last year to buy a Laundromat but couldn’t come to terms with any owners in my area and we ended up building one from scratch.

          Not sure what part of the country your in but have you reached out to distributors to get cost of equipment and potential layouts etc.?

          I ended up buying from a distributor out of state so had to find my own contractors for the build out as they didn’t have any contacts in my area.

          I found it really helped finding contractors that were involved with the Laundry industry, they just picked up on things that a contractor without this laundry experience wouldn’t know.

          If you have any specific questions let us know and I’ll see if I can help in any way from my experience.

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