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      Randy Brubaker

      Hello All,

      I am having little to no success in getting responses from listing brokers. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve broker responses to property inquiries?

      Thanks for the help,


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      Hello Randy,

      I too have had issues with slow or non-responsive brokers! I would say try all different methods for reaching them (Email, call, etc.). I had a guy recently that I reached out to repeatedly 3-4 times via email with no response before I picked up the phone and called the # listed….turns out he says he just falls behind on his emails and actually prefers to communicate by phone! Also remember, just as the traditional real estate market is on fire right now, the same can be said in other investments as well. I’m sure these brokers have an enormous amount of volume coming in! Just stay persistent and don’t worry about feeling like a pest! Good Luck!

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      Ian Cameron

      If you find you don’t get a response after many attempts, contact the owner of the laundromat directly, and let them know you are interested and that the broker is not responding. That owner wants the business sold and would like as many possible buyers as they can get – this has never not worked for me.

      I am now a broker in my local area because I got tired of this behaviour by other brokers and felt sellers and buyers needed more attentive representation.

      Good luck.

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        Mark Lemanski


        How would you go about finding out information on the actual laundromat that is for sale so I could reach out to the owner directly? Currently, all the listings I find online have little to no information on the actual laundromat for sale until their broker finally responds back and has me sign a NDA before releasing business details.

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      surya morse

      My experience too. Crazy you are offering and you can’t get anyone to return an email.

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Laundromat Resource Forums Commercial Real Estate Broker Nonresponsive