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      Bianca Mendoza

      Do you have a bathroom in your laundromat? Do you recommend having one or not having one? Do you get a lot of problems by having one? If you do have one, do you have an employee or not?

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      Eagerly awaiting responses as this should be an interesting topic.

      Wondering if it is going to come down to attended vs. unattended stores.

      From a customer/consumer perspective I would be very bothered at a place that did not have a restroom available.

      I know of 2 store owners both who own multiple stores ( 1 has a fleet of stores) that simply do not operate restrooms or they keep them locked when staff are not on location.

      Both of their locations have comments complaints in their reviews about the bathrooms being locked but they insist it is the way to operate.

      Interested to hear what others have to say in particular related to unattended stores.

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      Bianca Mendoza

      Thanks for your response, Emerson. I’m curious because I saw someone posting a video from their store of an elderly guy pooping in their trash can. So people were commenting on whether the bathroom is clean or not. Maybe that’s why he did it. Some were suggested not to have bathroom available because junkies or prostitutes were in there. The list goes on. So I want to hear people’s input on public restrooms.

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      Jason Dodge

      In Wisconsin I don’t think I can avoid having a bathroom, it’s a code thing. They can be trouble, I can get drug addicts in there shooting up and then going a little stir crazy. One time dude punched a few holes in the wall while I was standing right outside the room. I’ve also had homeless peeps bathing in there for a good hour.

      On the flip side we keep the cleanest bathrooms around. I know that because every mail person and bus driver stop in and use our bathrooms.

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      Robert Anderson

      We have a bathroom for our partially attended mat. It has a pay lock on it (25cents). Charging 25 cents keeps a lot of people from using it (both homeless and non homeless walk ins), which is good. We also keep a cup of tokens on the counter for customers to get in free. If I ever see customer pay for it I always reimburse them.

      The main problem is it attracts vagrants. Sometimes they go in the bathroom and don’t come out. We removed the sink from the inside portion of the bathroom to keep them from using it as a shower. Customers can still wash hands outside the bathroom (separate sink).

      A lot of our best customers have several young children with them. Having a bathroom is a must for them.

      Sometimes if the vagrant activity increases, we just lock it and open it upon request by customers.

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      To Jason’s point about having a bathroom and it being a code, it is also a code in the area I described. However, operators have found ways to keep them closed or temporarily closed (out of order etc).

      Good on you for dealing with that chaos you described but still managing to keep them open for customers. I do think you win in the end with that approach.

      I was trying to think through the use of a code lock on the door and how you could give that code to customers.

      I bet a store with a card system the card could be used to activate the lock but I get it the use of card systems in mat business is not that common yet.

      Robert that is an interesting approach and sounds like you have had enough time and interaction with your customers that they “understand” or “get the why” that program is in place.

      None of these are perfect but sounds like it manages the “bad” or the risks just enough to allow you to still provide nice clean restrooms for customers.

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      Bianca Mendoza

      Thank you Robert for that information. I’m glad that is working for you. I don’t own a laundromat yet but when I do this is something to think about.

      Emerson, I understand what you mean going to a place without a bathroom is bad. However, I would hate to be the owner if I see poop smear on the wall. That’s my biggest fear of running into that. Who do you call to clean that up??? smh lol

      Jason thank you for your input. I just heard your podcast and I did not know you were the author of your book. I feel honored. I also feel like I know you but I never met you! lol Thank you for sharing your story!!

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      Jason Dodge

      Bianca, weird how that works. I had a rep from a manufacturer was in my laundromat yesterday that saw my podcast and she knew all about me. I love what Jordan is doing, he’s connecting us and making a platform where we can all connect and share easily. It’s easier to do that when we kind of all know each other.

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