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The Laundromat Resource Podcast hosts laundromat owners and industry experts who share their stories, experience and wisdom to help you succeed in the laundromat business!


The Laundromat Resource YouTube channel features videos to teach you the laundromat business, help you improve your laundromats, and scale your business!

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If you need help building or managing a website for your laundromats, let the experts at Laundromat Resource Marketing help you design and build a custom, professional website for you! As experts in the laundromat industry AND in web design and online marketing, we at Laundromat Resource Marketing are able to provide you with a professional website at an affordable price. We’re always transparent so there are no hidden fees. What we quote you is what you pay. Satisfaction and performance guaranteed! With no contracts to sign and guarantees like that, why not let us take care of your online presence while you focus on welcoming all of your new laundry customers? Click below to find out more information. 


Be a guest on the Laundromat Resource Podcast!

At Laundromat Resource we’re working hard to demystify our business and share our knowledge and experience with one another because we firmly believe that we will all be more successful together! If you share our vision and have experience or knowledge to share that will benefit our community, consider being a guest on our podcast! We’re looking for laundromat owners of all types to interview. Whether you’re new or seasoned, a multi-store owner or single store owner, in a big city or a small town, we want to hear your story! Click to find out how to be on the Laundromat Resource Podcast!

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If you’re interested in a more passive way to invest in laundromats, Diligence Capital Investments might be just the thing for you. Diligence is a syndication group focused on buying and optimizing laundromats and commercial real estate. A veteran team sources deals, develops an investment strategy specific to each deal, and oversees the management of the business. Our investors participate passively. Required investment amounts and returns will vary based on the deal.

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"I cannot say enough good things about the knowledge Jordan has. What makes him different is he is able to break it down to your level so you understand. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"
"Jordan was VERY knowledgeable and thorough during our consultation. He answered more questions than I was prepared to ask and became an invaluable resource for my start in the laundromat journey. If there were more stars I would give more than 5. Very satisfied ending our call and more motivated than ever. Thank you, Jordan!!"
"Very helpful information. I did not expect him to provide me with such useful information for FREE. Great guy who wants to see people in the business to do better."

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